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HCR001: Introduction to Healthy Church Radio

In this show I introduced the three reasons why I am doing this podcast:

  1. To encourage those who have ‘given up’ on church.
  2. To encourage pastors and church leaders about healthy church. All churches are unhealthy to a degree because there are people there! But by God’s grace and with His help, all churches can be healthy.
  3. To encourage those who have a vision for planting a new church.

I also introduced myself and my family. I have been blessed to be married to Cindy for 30 years and have 7 children and 3 grandchildren.

I have been the pastor of Antioch Community Church in Elon, NC for 25 years.

I was inspired to podcast by listening to the podcast answer man, Cliff Ravenscraft!

Look for the next show to appear soon!