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HCR007: Training and Appointing Elders

In this episode, I talk about the final process of training and appointing elders. There are three steps we take men through before the appointment:

·      The men being considered for elder will work through two books with the existing elders: Reforming Marriage by Douglas Wilson, and Biblical Eldership,  by Alexander Strauch.

·      They will meet with the elders after the books have been completed and answer questions such as, “Are you now or have you been involved in pornography of any kind in the past?” And, “Are you in debt, other than your mortgage, that will keep you from giving yourself fully to serving the church?” And, “Is your wife fully committed to supporting you as an elder?”

·      The men will then be brought before the church as possible candidates for the council of elders, and the congregation will be asked to pray for 30-days and to share any concerns with the elders that they may have about the candidate(s).

·      After those three steps are successfully completed, the new elders will be appointed with prayer and the laying on of hands.

·      I talk, also, in this podcast about the question many ask…whether elders should serve for a limited amount of time, or if they are “appointed for life”.

·      Another excellent resource which I did not mention in the podcast is Finding Faithful Elders and Deacons, by Thabiti Anyabwile.

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