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HCR008: Finding God’s Grace for Life and Ministry

In this episode, I interview Michael Murray, career missionary to China and Tibet. Here are some of the points we discuss:

·      The importance of finding what God has gifted you to do in ministry: essential for church leaders and missionaries, but important for everyone.

·      The Gospel is God-centered, not man-centered. Learning who you are in Christ happens by God’s ways, not by man’s strategies. We need God’s purpose for our lives to guide us, rather than our ‘vision’ to drive us.

·      Grace is God’s empowering presence in me to live the life that God has given me.

·      Prayer is mostly about listening to God.

·      A healthy church must be: 1. Word-based; 2. Under God-given authority; 3. A place of unity that is based on Truth; 4. A safe environment where people have “space to grow.”

·      Michael and Yolanda Murray’s email address is You can write to them and ask to be subscribed to their Blog, or ask them questions about their speaking itinerary, or just say hello!

·      William Wilberforce’s book is entitled, A Practical View of the Prevailing Religious System of Professed Christians, in the Middle and Higher Classes in this Country, Contrasted with Real Christianity. It’s available as a free Kindle download, also. Olaudah Equiano’s autobiography is The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano.

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Michael and Yolanda Murray
Michael and Yolanda Murray

Michael and Yolanda Murray see themselves first and foremost as children of God through Jesus Christ. Their purpose is to see God’s kingdom, the reign of Christ, established from the inside out. They have been married for 26 years and have four children.

For over 20 years, Michael and Yolanda have worked to see the gospel go out in western China. In the last 6 years, they have grown under grace-filled teaching of the Word and have come to see their giftings much more clearly. Teaching truth to help lay good foundations for the church and individuals is now their focus. They do this from their base with their home church in Canada where they continue to grow on the journey of overcoming. Each week they share the Word with local believers in China and other cross-cultural gospel workers around the world over the internet. They hope to expand their teaching and discipleship work through live equipping times here in North America and through trips back to Asia.


2 thoughts on “HCR008: Finding God’s Grace for Life and Ministry

  1. Tash says:

    Firstly let me say Praise God that you have found Christ as a brother and God as a Father and you are now a child not just a servant. How tiring it must have been to work so hard for so long without knowing this.
    I have a question about why you are against vision being a part of the driving foundation in our life: You made the comment:
    “Having Gods purpose to support and to guide us rather than a vision to drive us. I was being driven by a sense of vision rather than guided by Gods purpose in my life.”

    My question and example to ponder is this:
    After His vision from the Lord he took time away (we do not clearly know all that happened in that time but can think that he did come to know the fullness of the Trininty and God’s love more.)
    In Acts 26 4-23 Paul relates to Agrippa and Festus. He relates the God given vision and calling on his life and then he relates, “I was not disobedient to the vision from heaven.” This is the vision that drove Paul’s life in conjunction with the fact that he knew the Trininty and God’s love for him. God’s vision for him was quoted in Acts 26 15-18. It is a clear vision and purpose for Paul’s life and as he says he was not disobedient to it meaning once God showed Paul the life he had for him he obeyed God.
    You seem quite against vision and pursuing vision but I believe it can be done AS the fulfillment of God’s purpose of your life. As you know what God is asking of you then you are able to fulfill it, often in the Bible God does give vision and people do work in their lives to fulfill it-not because our value is contingent on it but because He is worthy of it and has asked us to be part of His plan.
    I guess what I am basically saying is it can be “both(vision) and (God’s plan) not either vision or God’s plan.

    I just felt a real caution in my spirit when I heard your comment in response “most of the missionaries we know do not understand what grace living really means… a false understanding of what Jesus taught us (ie:drives them to do what they do).” How do you know that most missionaries are not driven as Paul was by both a personal vision given to them by God and a loving passion to obey Him in that vision out of love and understanding of His place in it, as Paul’s response was?
    It always sets my alarm bells off when I hear Christian’s saying of others…that they “have false understandings of the teachings of Jesus” compared to our own as if we had greater revelation or some special knowledge that those who also have the Spirit of God are not privvy to. That seems to put it very much on man to share revelation not God, as if God “needs” you to share revelation with others instead of being God driven where He brings the revelation we need as we wait on Him.


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