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HCR012: Gregg Harris on the “Family-Integrated Church”

Gregg harris

In this episode, I interview Gregg Harris, from Gresham, Oregon. Gregg is a pioneer in the homeschooling movement and a spokesman for the family-integrated church.  Here are some of the points we discuss:

·     The family is the incubator for church leadership. (1 Timothy 3:5)

·     We must simplify the church model to something that mere mortals can run, and avoid the corporate or institutional mindset.

·     The home is intended to be an embassy for the kingdom of God.

·     The family-integrated church does not usurp the responsibility that parents have to disciple their own children. The history of youth ministry and Sunday School goes back to the 1700’s, and was intended first to be a fishing net for the lost children of England. It now has become a hammock for Dads in the U.S. who expect others to raise their children for them.

·     We respond to the charge that the family-integrated church is insular and doesn’t care about reaching the lost.

·     We respond to the charge that the family-integrated church is “worshiping the family.”

·     We respond to the charge that children cannot get anything from the sermon.

·     We respond to the claim that dividing the family into age groups is ‘modeled’ in Titus 2.

·     We respond to the charge that the family-integrated church doesn’t have “any programming.”

·     We discuss the fruits of the family-integrated church and the idea that the FIC movement is one of the reforms that God is using in the church today.

·     I mention my book, Family-Integrated Church, which can be purchased here (as well as other online booksellers).


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About Gregg Harris

(From Gregg’s website,

My name is Gregg Harris. I am a delight-directed student of all that pertains to life and godliness. Through Noble Institute I apply my Adult Education studies at the University of Dayton and Wright State University to design and present intensive, life-changing educational and inspirational events for families. I now have over 36 years experience in evangelical teaching ministry.

My passion is to shine the light of God’s Word on the paths we walk as families. I’ve found that God has a lot to say to us about how to manage our households well, if we will only take the time to listen.

Josh (36), my oldest son, and Alex and Brett (24), the twins, are published authors and speakers, who have touched many lives with the truth of God’s Word and the Gospel. Joel (29) is going on to seminary.

Of course, I’ve also made a lot of mistakes along the way. And with three younger children still on the launching pad (Sarah, Isaac, and James), I’m not done figuring things out. I’m still learning as I go and still going to God’s Word for the answers I need. Since losing my dear wife Sono to cancer, I’ve needed God more than ever.

I would love to come speak in your area. Take a minute to browse my speaking page and popular topics. I’d also be happy to connect with you on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, or whatever social networking sites you frequent.

You’re invited to join the conversation on my weekly Conference Call or on my blog, where I share thoughts on marriage, parenting, church, and missions.

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