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HCR015: Men as Priests


In this episode, I discuss the importance of a man fulfilling the role of a priest for his family. Here are some of the points I discuss:

  • A priest is someone who goes before the people (his family) on behalf of God.
  • Ezra is worth emulating as he “had set his heart to study the Law of the Lord, and to do it and to teach His statutes and rules in Israel.” (Ezra 7:10, ESV)
  • A priest is also someone who goes before God on behalf of his people (his family).
  • He is to stand before them in worship. Dad, YOU are the worship leader of your family, at home and at church.
  • He is to stand before them as an intercessor. Dad, there is no one on the planet who has more authority to pray for your family than YOU.
  • A priest is also someone who intentionally blesses his family, just as God told Moses to have Aaron and the priests bless the people of Israel. (see Numbers 6:22-27)
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