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HCR016: Men as Protectors


In this episode, Tony Rose and I discuss the importance of a man fulfilling the role of protector for his family. Here are some of the points we discuss:
  • God has put in the heart of every man a desire to protect.
  • The story of David calling out Abner (“Are you not a man?”) in 1 Samuel 26 is an illustration every man should know.
  • Man’s responsibility to protect his family started with Adam in Genesis 2.
  • Every man is vulnerable to having an affair with every woman in his workplace unless he guards his heart and is under the LORD’S protection. Those who protect others must be protected themselves!
  • First, we protect our family from false doctrine.
  • A good resource to teach your family good doctrine is Training Hearts, Teaching Minds, by Starr Meade.
  • Second, we protect our children from bad companions.
  • Third, we protect our children from making a lifelong mistake, by marrying badly.
  • Fourth, we protect our wives from carrying more than they can, or should, carry.
  • My book, A Faithful Man, can be found here.
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Tony Rose
Tony Rose

Tony Rose has been married to Audrey for twenty-one years and has two daughters, ages 16 and 9. He grew up going to a Methodist Church but now attends a Baptist church in Mebane, NC, where he has been a member since 2006. Tony plays the piano at church, teaches a teen Sunday School class, and is in training to serve as an elder. He has worked in the IT industry for 23 years, at a private higher educational institution for the last 15. Tony has gone through NANC counseling training and done extensive personal study in apologetics. He was elected to the local school board 2 years ago and is currently serving as chairman.

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