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HCR018: Taking Care Financially


In this episode, I discuss the importance of a man fulfilling the role of a provider for his family by taking care of things financially. Here are some of the points I discuss:
  • We can learn from chickens. Chickens work hard. They eat what God designed for them to eat. They rest. They produce what God designed for them to produce.

  • God gave Adam a job before He gave him a wife. A man’s orientation is toward his “calling,” which includes but is not limited to his job.

  • Financial Peace University is an excellent course to take to learn more about financial stewardship. (Dave Ramsey)

  • We need to learn to keep these four things in a healthy balance: earning, giving, spending and saving.

  • “Take thought and provide beforehand” for your family’s financial future, in the event that you die before your wife does.

  • Have a term life insurance policy that is worth ten times what your wife would need to live on per year.

  • Have a written will, either through a lawyer or through something like

  • Consider having a living will as well as a healthcare power of attorney.

  • Have a safe place where you keep a “My Husband Loves Me Folder,” where she will be able to get the information she needs when you die. (vehicle titles, deeds, passports, etc.)

  • Samaritan Ministries is a great option for your healthcare. Tell them I sent you!

  • The first principle in financial stewardship: “Transfer ownership.”

  • We give because we want to be like God, not because God needs the money, or even because the church needs the money.

  • My book, A Faithful Man, has this material in it in more detail.
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