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HCR022: Iron sharpens Iron: Interview with Four Brothers

In this episode, I interview four men (Kevin Jordan, Jeremy Troxler, Mark Kemp, Matt Plaster) I meet with every Tuesday morning for an “Iron Man group.” Here are some of the things we discuss:
  • “Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.” –Prov. 27:17
  • We talk about why we do this every week: to provide encouragement, admonition, and accountability, so that we as men can learn to lead.
  • We talk about what we do in the meeting each week. The accountability questions include, “Are you having consistent and satisfying personal and family devotions?” “Are you praying for and with your wife?” We share prayer requests for that day or for the week, and then each man prays for another in the group.
  • We talk about how the group has benefitted us in our walk with Christ, and give encouragement and tips to men who want to start their own group.
  • We talk about some other things we do at Antioch to encourage and equip men and young men.
  • The quote from Journal of Family Ministry can be found here:
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