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HCR023: Integrating Scripture and Music in Worship

In this episode, I interview my son Caleb, who is one of our worship leaders at Antioch Community Church. Here are some of the points we discuss:
  • Caleb talks about a song called “All to Us,” by Chris Tomlin, and we play an excerpt of the song.
  • Caleb discusses how he incorporates Scripture with the music when he leads worship.
  • We talk together about how the singing and the preaching are to work together, and how Caleb gets others in the congregation involved in the reading of Scripture passages in between songs.
  • You can email Caleb:
  • The WorshipGod Conference, sponsored by Sovereign Grace Church, could be a life changing event. The next one is “Called to Be Faithful” will be held in Louisville, KY July 31-Aug. 3, and Caleb Fox will be attending! For more information:
  • You can listen to (and watch) “All to Us” here:
  • You can learn more about Chris Tomlin and his music at
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Caleb Fox
Caleb Fox

Caleb Fox, son of Mark and Cindy Fox, lives in Burlington, NC with his bride Celia. He studied Communications at Thomas Edison State College and now works for Piedmont Metals, Inc. in Burlington as a welder and fabricator.

Caleb is one of the worship leaders at Antioch Community Church where his dad pastors, and he strives to preach the Gospel through the songs he chooses for the Sunday morning service.

Caleb is also passionate about overseas missions, and has had the opportunity to travel to Kenya, Haiti and Colombia.

You can find him on Facebook, as well as on Twitter @CandCfox.

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