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HCR029: Interview with Arnold Farlow, Executive Director of the Frederick Rescue Mission

In this episode, I talk with Arnold Farlow about his work with the rescue mission and how God is using him to change lives. Here are some of the points:
  • The goal of the mission is to “show Christ’s love and rescue the least, the last and the lost from poverty, homelessness and addiction.”
  • The mission focuses on two objectives: Change lives now. Change lives for eternity. Arnold talks about how they accomplish that.
  • The mission works to see eight changes in the men who live there: 1- Be passionate for Jesus. 2- Be victorious over addiction. 3- Be connected to a local church. 4- Have a mentor or accountability partner. 5- Be reconciled to his family as much as possible. 6- Have a GED or appropriate level of education. 7- Have a financially sustaining job. 8- Have a safe and suitable place to live.
  • Arnold talks about the three different types of homeless people they serve at the mission, and how each one needs Jesus, not a government program.
  • Arnold talks about some of the keys to his successful leadership at the mission, and how he develops a good relationship with each staff member.
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Arnold’s bio: Arnold Farlow became the Executive Director of the Frederick Rescue Mission in April, 2005.He has over 30 years of ministry of pastoring, campus ministry and caring for the homeless and poor, along with experience in real estate and adult education.
He has a BA from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a Master of Divinity from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary.
Cycling, mountain biking, and studying the Civil War are among his personal interests. He has been married over 30 years to Elizabeth Allsbrook Farlow and they have four children.