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HCR031: Ministry, Morals and Money for Church Members

In this episode, I talk about the importance of stewardship for church members, in the area of ministry, morals, and money. Here are some of the points:
  • Ministry: I discuss the stewardship each member has for discovering and deploying his spiritual gifts and for being involved in the two primary meetings when the church gathers every week.
  • Morals: I talk about the responsibility church members have to keep a good conscience with God and with fellow church members. There is no “secret sin.” Every sin affects the body of Christ. Our stewardship of morals also includes submission to authority in the church.
  • Money: I talk about the stewardship we are to exercise with our giving. The reason for faithful giving to the local church is not because God needs the money, or even because the church needs the money. We give in obedience to God’s Word, and so that we will learn to be givers, like our Father!
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