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HCR032: Where Should the New Church Meet?

In this episode, I talk about the different ways a church can meet together, and the importance of having a place that you can use every day. Here are some of the points:
  • Those who plant churches that begin in a house should only meet there for one of two reasons: “Security or size.”
  • Many (not all) house churches start with an “Us four, nor more” mindset, and never grow beyond that.
  • There are endless possibilities for places a church can meet that only allow the Sunday morning use of their building: civic centers, movie theatres, schools, and many more.
  • There are great advantages to being able to use a building 24/7, even though there are costs involved.
  • Starting the church on a Sunday afternoon in your current church, if it is allowed, can be an effective way to “incubate” a new work.
  • God can provide for His church without debt. Trust Him.
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