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HCR043: What’s the Big Deal about Thanksgiving?

first thanksgiving
In this episode, I talk about Thanksgiving: the holiday, the traditions, and the spiritual character quality. Here are some of the points I discuss:
  • I share about the first Thanksgiving and the way history has been revised in today’s textbooks and classrooms.
  • I talk about some of the traditions our family and our church have observed during this season of the year.
  • I recommend some resources that are helpful for family and church, including, Of Plymouth Plantation (William Bradford), Stories of the Pilgrims (Margaret Pumphrey), The Landing of the Pilgrims (James Daugherty) and If You Were at the First Thanksgiving, by Anne Kamma.
  • I encourage the listeners to have their children write a letter of thanksgiving to someone.
  • I share the Story of the Week entitled, “Faith is Only as Valid as the Object in which it is Placed.”
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