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HCR052: Missionary Family of Nine

In this episode, I interview Nate and Tara Ariel from the island of Bocachica, which is a 30-minute boat ride off the coast of Cartagena, Colombia. Nate and Tara moved there with their seven children, now ages 14 to 3, in the fall of 2011.

In the podcast, Nate and Tara talk about life as a big family in a small community that has lots of basic needs (there is no running water on the island, for example). They share some of their greatest challenges and some of God’s greatest blessings that have come their way. They talk about marriage, raising children, cross-cultural ministry, and showing hospitality in a 3-room house that they built with their own hands.

They also talk about a desire they have to see the families on the island have their greatest physical need, clean water, met. Nate is building water filtration systems for $50 each that will provide a family clean water for all their daily needs, with no ongoing costs, and that will last at least 10 years. If you would like to learn more, or if you would like to sponsor a family on the island by making it possible for them to receive a filter, contact Nate and Tara at Or you can send a check for $50 to Antioch Community Church, P.O. Box 40, Elon, NC 27244. Please write “Clean Water” in the memo, and we will make sure all of it goes to provide a filter in Bocachica.

Below is a picture I took of the Ariel family (plus my daughter Hannah on the far left) on the morning Hannah and I flew back to the states. The family members are: Than (6) and Patrick (4) on the front row; Valerie (14), Kristen (8), Tara, Vincent (3) and Jaiden (10). In the back are Alicia (12) and Nate.

Nate and Tara Ariel’s mission:

arielsIn October 2011, Nate & Tara, with their seven children, moved to Colombia, South America, to serve the Lord on the mission field. They are living in a small, impoverished community in Bocachica. Nate and Tara have started a project called “Juntos” which means together, believing that it takes those living on the mission field, those who support missions through prayer, financial support and encouragement, and other like- minded organizations working along side local churches in Colombia to get results. We provide clean drinking water to the community using a bio-sand filter,

With each filter a class is required for all family members on hygiene and sanitation. In addition to these classes we have teamed up with the local church in Bocachica and offer a discipleship course to all who receive a filter. Nate also helps with construction and electrical work on the island. Nate enjoys discipling the men of Bocachica and teaching them how to be godly husbands and fathers. Tara, along with homeschooling her children, teaches English classes to the children and youth in Bocachica weekly. She bakes cakes for the community and is a strong example of a godly wife and mother to the women in Bocachica. The Ariel children (ranging from ages 3 to 14) are befriending the children on the island and showing them the love of Christ in the way that only a child can. God is using this family in huge ways in that little community and Antioch is so blessed to be able to send and support the Ariel family.

Nathanael and Tara Ariel
Cell: 321-697-1476
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