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HCR060: Grab Your Audience’s Attention!

who's afraid
In this episode, I continue exploring the subject of public speaking as a valuable tool that we all need in our toolbox. I have taught Public Speaking to college students for more than 22 years, and have seen students come into class terrified of public speaking and finish the course with a new confidence that they can actually succeed! This skill has applications for every profession, as well as being an essential for good preaching and teaching in the church.

In this podcast, I talk about a fifth and sixth obstacle to public speaking:

  • Not using visuals effectively. If your visual is not large enough, it’s not a visual aid. It’s a visual audience. It won’t help your listeners; it will make them mad! The first rule of good visual is, make it large. The second rule is, keep it hidden. The third rule is, make it clear. The fourth rule is, make sure it is complete. I share these and other tips for good visuals in this episode.
  • Not grabbing your audience’s attention. The audience will give you about 30 seconds to grab them. Then they become almost ‘un-grab-able.” I share several ways to make your audience want to hear your speech.

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