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HCR076: More Vacation Stories and Ideas: interview with Dick Orcutt

In this episode, I interview Dick Orcutt, one of the elders of the church, and ask him to share stories and ideas from his family vacations. He answers the all-important questions, which include:
  • Beach or mountains?
  • Sit & Read or Go Do Things?
  • Eat in or Eat out?
  • Unpack into drawers or live out of the suitcase?
  • And several stories about favorite ‘vacation’ memories!
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Orcutt famDick Orcutt has been a leader at Antioch since the beginning, having served as a deacon for years and now as an elder. Dick is a native of Burlington, NC, graduated with an Engineering degree from Virginia Tech University, and is a manager at Atlantic Sign Media of Burlington. He has been married to Sheila for 39 years (as of April 2014) and they have three daughters (Kristin, Sarah, Elaine), one son-in-law (Josh), and their grand-babies, Chloe and Eli!

2 thoughts on “HCR076: More Vacation Stories and Ideas: interview with Dick Orcutt

  1. mary says:

    That was fun! Thanks 🙂

    • jmarkfox says:

      Thanks, Mary! I think so, too. 🙂

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