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HCR081: Workflow for Sermon Prep

In this episode, I talk about a typical week as I prepare a 35-50 minute sermon. I share about:
  • The incredible benefit of not having to come up with a topic each week.
  • What a typical week looks like from start to finish or sermon prep.
  • Why I use Power Point with my sermons and some helpful tips.
  • The resources I most enjoy and rely on: Concordance. Word Study books (Gesenius for Hebrew, Spiros Zhodiates for Greek). Commentators: John Stott, FF Bruce, William Hendriksen, Simon Kistemaker, Wayne Grudem. Preachers: John Piper, Alistair Begg. Illustrations:
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One thought on “HCR081: Workflow for Sermon Prep

  1. Ken Pierpont says:

    Hey great stuff. I loved the podcast. PS. Wow! what a beautiful family picture…

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