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HCR087: Pastoral Longevity and Effectiveness


In this episode, I interview Joshua Strunk, who is writing a doctoral dissertation for Liberty University on the convergence of pastoral longevity and effectiveness. Studies show that the healthiest pastoral ministry does not begin until after five years, but the average pastorate in the U.S. is four years or less! In this episode, Pastor Strunk will share some of the things he has learned in his research, what has surprised him, and how churches can themselves be better able to encourage long pastorates. You can contact Joshua at his website,

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Joshua StrunkRev. Joshua C. Strunk
Joshua, his wife Allissa, and their 9 children, reside in rural western Pennsylvania where Joshua pastors a small, 150 year old congregation. Over the years Joshua has been involved in the leadership of both for-profit and non-profit organizations. He has earned a Bachelor of Arts in Pastoral Ministry, a Masters of Arts in Religion and a Masters of Divinity in Christian Leadership. Currently Joshua is putting the finishing touches on his dissertation research for his Doctorate in Educational Leadership.

In addition to these things, being convicted that the Church in America is in desperate need of rigorous academic scholarship to inform practical spiritual leadership within a holistic framework of robust integrative faith, Joshua started The IS403 Project. His intention is to eventually transition The IS403 Project into a non-profit so that funding can be raised for new research, for publishing, for vocational consultation and for individual counseling.

For more information on Joshua, his family, or these & other projects:

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