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HCR090: Our Detours are God’s Design


In this episode, I talk about the detour God took me through this fall with 3 eye surgeries and more than 8 weeks of recovery. I share about the things I have learned and am learning through this trial:

  • I learned that my eyesight is a gift from God, and had I lived one hundred years ago, or if I lived in many places in the world today, I would be blind in both eyes now.
  • I have learned that even though I have been married for 32 years and have always slept on my right side, I can adapt to sleeping on my left side.
  • I have learned that I can trust God through a scleral buckle surgery, for which I was under general anesthesia, and through a very painful laser surgery 12 days later, for which I was very much awake.
  • I have learned, again, that He loves me. And that He does speak to me and allows me to hear His voice.
  • I learned again that the church belongs to Him, and that its health does not depend on me. He has placed many in the body who can lead and feed the flock in my absence.
  • I learned that we are never sidelined as believers. What we sometimes describe as a detour is God’s design, for which He has gospel purposes.
  • I learned that God has His people everywhere.
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